Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to Bell, Book & Candle Reviews!

Welcome to Bell, Book & Candle Reviews! I am pleased to be able to share with you and promote some of the most talented artists and authors. I wanted to reach out to the artists that deserve to have their wares shared with the pagan market but may have otherwise not had the chance to be promoted via an online or print publication.
I began my search for these artists quite by chance while window shopping on Etsy and have not been disappointed in finding unending talent. So at this point I decided to reach out to the Etsy community and the general pagan public and offer these artisans the chance to be featured in a review on my new blog in addition to the possibility of being featured in another online or print publication.
Don’t let the title of the column fool you, books will be reviewed but also items that cross over to other areas such as pagan/wiccan/gothic/faerie. You will find reviews of unique jewelry, divination decks and oracles, art work, spell kits and many more special items in upcoming postings.
So, if you are an artist with a well-crafted and marketable item, please by all means, drop me an email at  and I will be happy to have a look at your wares. My services are provided free of charge and only require that you donate the item of choice (usually mine) for review. I am happy to be able to offer these services to the pagan/wiccan community.
Blessed be, and enjoy the beauty of the artists featured in this issue!

Katherine Turcotte
My reviews have appeared in Sage Woman, Witches & Pagans, The Beltane Papers as well as other online sources.

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